Tips to Stop Living Paycheck

The root cause of most of our problems, is that we are never satisfied with what we have. We want more. And more. And more. And some more… It just doesn’t stop, this wanting. Which is OK. But, what’s NOT OK, is the instant gratification of these wants. Actually, that could be termed OK too, as long as you are spending within your means. So what is it that is not OK, you ask? Well, it is when you are spending beyond your means, to live the way you want to. When you do not have the money, yet you spend on that extra purse, or cell phone, or that gorgeous dress, or a new car, or whatever. Before you know it, you have used up your money in debit cards, so you turn to your credit cards, reach your credit limit, and now you have those terribly annoying warning letters, flooding your letter box and crowding your email. Reminds you of the movie, Confessions of a Shopaholic? There is a very thin line between living paycheck to paycheck, and the above described scenario. It can vanish far too easily, and before you can say ‘damn’, you’ve been hauled into the credit bandwagon. The only way to prevent this from happening is to change your spending habits, and start saving now. Let’s look at some easy ways to earn quick money in times of need, and then we’ll take a look at how to avoid such situations.

This is a quick way of getting some cash in your hand, as well as get rid of all the things in your house that you no longer need. Thinking practically in such cases, is more beneficial than thinking emotionally. Avoid storing unnecessary junk, furniture or knickknack in your house that occupies space, needs maintenance and does not serve any purpose. Best to give it away to someone who can find good use for it. You don’t need any money to host a garage sale, and it is the best way to kill two birds

Small home businesses that require no/ very little investment, can be a great way of adding to your income. Maybe you could start selling your paintings, if you are good at drawing and painting. Or if you have good culinary skills, then you can try making and selling cakes or other food stuff. If you are interested in photography and have a personal photo collection, you can also try selling your photos to magazines or newspapers. Or you can babysit for people’s kids for a couple of hours every day, like a mini creche. If you have other hobbies that can help you make money, cash on them.

If you are good with the written word, there are sites that allow you to generate content for them, for some pay. Or, you could get a temporary job at a department or food outlet, for a couple of months to tide you over. There are many other small jobs that you can take up, like working at a library or a bookstore, or take part/ volunteer in clinical research studies at a local hospital, take care of people’s houses when they are out-of-town (water their plants, clean their houses, mow their lawns etc.) Start a blog or monetize your already existing blog, walk people’s dogs for them, clean driveways, shovel snow, etc. You can come up with a lot of ideas once you get started.

Starting coaching classes in your home is a great way to supplement your income. Start classes of subjects which you like and are good at. Guitar classes, Math and English classes, arts and crafts classes for kids, etc. The options are endless. Put all your creativity and talents to good use, and spread the knowledge. This can also turn out to be a successful way of self employment, and a great long term venture as well.