Tips on How to Take Notes

Active listening in the class and jotting down notes on a paper is a skillful task and it is not everyone’s cup of tea. Making notes from books and lectures can become fruitless, if not it is not properly made. This article will tell you some quick tips about how to take notes skillfully without skipping any significant information. While taking notes from the source, bear in mind that you pay attention towards whatever you are jotting down on the paper. Make a compressed and accurate record of information along with various opinions and your observation on the subject. Resist writing every word of the lecture or copying long excerpts from books. Always try to write down the words in your own words, it will make memorizing notes easy before the exams. Many a people are in habit of taking notes and leave them untouched until the exams. So, do not commit this mistake. It can affect your study during the exams. Writing notes and not revising them will make your work hard go in vain. Therefore, make a habit of revising the notes as soon as possible after writing it. This is also one of the effective memory techniques. Make yourself accustomed of revising notes instantly after the lecture, the reason it that, you will remember important points of the lecture. It would be advisable to rewrite or type the notes within 24 hours of the lecture to make them organized and clearer. Keep all the points separate, do not write in continuous prose, and use abbreviation, it will make lay out look clearer and neat. Organized notes’ layout notes will help you in assessing and understanding the material easily. Quote example with every significant point, it helps in memorizing it as well as gives wider understanding of topic. Scholars and toppers in schools and collages follow note-making techniques that help them in excelling in their studies. However, there are other reasons such as sharp brain, disciplined study schedule, hard work and high level of concentration that help them in standing in the first position. In spite of hard work, some students are not able to make a mark like high-grade holders. It may be due to drawbacks like problem in memorizing and lack of concentration. There are various types of smart drugs available in the market that can improve learning, increase concentration, and helps in retrieval of memory. In addition to that, it is also enhances alertness, mental energy, verbal memory, and overall health. At last, the important tip for all the aspiring students is that there is not sort cut to success, the medicine will only help in memorizing the notes, and rest is your hard work. Long usage of it can cause some side effects, therefore, before taking any drug consult your physician only he can guide you the best.