Tips to Choosing a School for Your Child

Ensuring that children get the best education in a school which provides the best learning opportunities is one of the most important decisions which every parent has to make. Whether you are sending your child to school for the very first time or changing schools because you have recently moved to UAE, you will be keen to give your children the best possible start with the best school.  How does one determine which is the best international school Abu Dhabi to send children to? Here are the top ten tips to help you choose a school for your child:

  1. The school should provide the right environment for the age-group your child is in.

Children of different age groups require different learning environments. What is suitable for a toddler is not appropriate for a high school student. The former need step-by-step care and attention while the latter are more in need of guidance. When you set out to choose a school for your child, make sure you pay adequate attention to the fact of whether the school has the suitable environment to ensure your child can avail all the facilities that he/she needs for holistic learning.

Top Secrets to be a Smart Student

“Top 10 Secrets to Be a Smart Student”

— Dr. Wayne Huang

If you look around in your class, there are always a few students doing well in every course. How can you do to be like them?

Simple enough: Just do what they do!

Smart students have a well-patterned study skills, starting up in lectures. Here are the top 10 tips in how to be the smart ones in lectures – getting the most out of classroom time.

Tip # 1: Come prepared – preview the chapter first before going into the lecture, this is the main difference between A’s and B’s.

Tip #2: Keep the questioning mind – as you preview the chapter, come up a list of questions. Try to find answers to those questions during lectures. Also write down the questions on the instructor’s lecture as it goes.

Tip #3: Write your lecture notes after – Take brief notes during lectures and complete them soon after class when it’s still fresh in memory.

Tip #4: Rewrite the headings as questions – The questioning headings and subheadings provoke your critical thinking and deepen your understanding.

Tip #4: Make a master list of questions – Try to find answers to those questions during lectures and reading.

Tip #5: