Tips for Successful Career Planning

After graduation, students look for various fields that are present, in which they can build a successful career. Parents, friends and relatives suggest career options which they find interesting and fulfilling. However, it is important for students to choose the best option among them so that they do not regret their decision later in life. To have a successful career, it is necessary that you plan for it, so that you know where you are currently standing and what you want to achieve after a particular time span. Planning will help you in presenting a clear idea about your goals and how you need to go about achieving them. Here are a few tips for people who have recently completed their formal education and are ready to step into the corporate world.

Useful Tips for Career Planning

Schedule Your Planning
Planning your career is a serious issue and requires a lot of thinking. Hence, must not be done casually. Fix a time when you will be able to concentrate only on it and nothing else. Make sure there is no disruption around when you sit for planning. Treat your career planning schedule as you would treat a physician’s appointment. It is not a one-time task and must be taken up from time to time, in order to review and revise the plan, if need be.

Take Up a Few Tests
Self assessment helps a person in identifying his strengths and weaknesses. Take up a few self assessment tests to find out the areas you are good in and the ones you need to work on. You can select a career option requiring skills you are good at. Doing so, you will be in a better position to perform the job and this will work in a positive way for your career growth.

Look Out for Interesting Options
A person can give his 100% to a job only if he is interested in it. A job you don’t find interesting at all, will not motivate you to give in your best. This will hamper your career growth and you will tend to move slowly up the ladder of success. That is why, don’t concentrate on one particular field. Widen your horizon and look for other available options. You can always find an interesting field you would love to make your career in.

Think of the Job Requisites
Before choosing a career, it is important to ask a few questions to yourself like, the kind of work culture you would like to work in, the kind of organization that will help you in achieving your goals, the kind of work schedule you would be comfortable with and whether you can commit to traveling or not. Answering these questions will give you a clear picture of what you can do and what you may not.

Research Thoroughly
Try to find out all the information about the career options you have selected for yourself. Proper research gives you the actual picture which will help you in choosing the best option for yourself.

Utilize the Facilities of Career Center
Colleges have career centers that provide guidance to students, for choosing the right career path and help them plan accordingly. Make use of resume development workshops, interview workshops and career development seminars arranged for the students. You can also get in touch with the college alumni to gain information about their fields and scope of career development in it.

Opt for Internships and Voluntary Work
Doing an internship in the industry will help you in gaining knowledge about how things actually work on the job floor. As you are on the job, you can experience it and decide if it is your cup of tea or not. Voluntary jobs help you build your network and display your capabilities to people. It will add on to your resume and may work in a positive way for your placement.

Ask Someone to be Your Mentor
A person having an established career in the field of your choice can help you in a great way. Find someone who can be your mentor and guide you in building a great career. A mentor can motivate you when you feel low and support you at every step.

Build a Network
Networking is one of the important aspects of building a great career. Make people aware that you are ready to enter into the industry. Meet people who are already working in the field you would like to enter. They can give you proper insights of the industry and clear your doubts. Joining professional associations can also help you in getting into the industry.

Study Job Trends
Studying job and career trends will tell you whether the job of your choice is having an uptrend or downtrend and will tell you the market status of the job you want to get in.

Set Career Goals
Once you have decide on your career, take the next step by enlisting your career goals. Set short-term and long-term goals for yourself, so that, you know when and where to concentrate to reach your set target.

Tips to prepare for IELTS

There are  lots of students who are preparing for the IELTS but there are only a few of them who really gets the top scores or able to qualify them. There are certain measures which you need to follow before you appear for the exam. If you really want to qualify for the exam, then you should surely focus on the four important part of the test. First is the reading, writing, speaking and listening. Getting a band score of 7 is not that an easy task, but for that you need to do lots of hard work in a smarter way. First and foremost thing is that on need to focus on the English. Always do try to use the English language around you. If you are living in an English speaking country then it gets easy. But if you are not living in an English speaking country then you should be a part of the English speaking club or community that will surely develop your English in a positive way. Try to make sure that you are able to understand the correct form of English and you don’t end up learning the wrong form. Try to continue yourself for one or the other form of the  English language that will surely help you to understand the correct form of English and you don’t end up learning the wrong form. Do one English activity at a time like reading a newspaper, watching TV, listening radio and listen to different English channels. It will surely affect the fluency and understanding of the language.

Just begin your reading by quickly going through each passage and try to identify the features which really focus on the topic, style, source and purpose behind the writer writing it. Reading task sometimes provides wonderful example answers and in that case study it, decide it and try to choose the correct option.

In the writing option, the punctuation plays an important part in achieving the highest scores. Before you ever think of writing, do focus on the grammar and the correct use of punctuation. Always try to keep your sentences as short as it will clearly express the ideas in a clear way. Therefore, if you are thinking of preparing for IELTS, then join Nodnat and get your exam clear with good marks. Join now and get admission to one of the top colleges and secure your future in a better way.

education marketing tips for universities

In times of falling university applications and race for top ranked institutes- Marketing has a vital role to play. Likewise, students are unaware of better alternatives that can help them achieve their career goals in much better way. Hence, Universities should concentrate more on building a Brand Identity.

5 simple tips for institutes to differentiate themselves from their competitors:

Multiple Channel Marketing:

Interact with students on multiple channels like websites, blogs, emails, mobiles etc. University Ratings, Program Quality and Corporate Placements being top priority must be spoken through proper channels to build a reputation.

Statistics for Multiple Channel Marketing:

  • India is 2nd largest in terms of mobile internet users. Out of which nearly 60% are in the age group of 18-24 years. (Source: We are social)
  • 118 Million active social media accounts in India. (Source: We are social)

Identify the right channels for student acquisition along with engagement plan to clear the doubts and enrol the student.

Be Clear about Yourself:

Highlighting college without seeming like an advertising manual is the key. Present realities instead of false image creation that can hurt in the long run. In simple and clear words explain institutes unique and strong points that can contribute to the brand building process.

Social Connect:

Discover platforms where students hang out most. Facebook, Twitter & YouTube are amongst the popular ones.

University’s success on social media depends on sharing, learning and listening. Actively engage with social media users- Whether that’s tweeting to a student who’s excited about her acceptance or responding to queries posted on Facebook.

Creative Visual Storytelling:

Visual Storytelling is the essence of the best ways of communications on the web. Narrative videos, graphics builds trust, credibility and educates viewers. Hence, with visuals universities can grab the attention of students.

Study also reveals-

  • India is the 5th largest country in terms of video users.
  • 65% of the target audience are visual learners.
  • Visuals have 60,000 times faster processing time than text.
  • Visuals in the form of videos increase the website conversion rate by 86% .

Focus on Screens:

Universities are still failing to design digital communication across an array of screens (like Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, etc.) used by a target audience.

Not only aspiring students’, and their parents but we all keep on screen-hopping. Thus, focus more on responsive websites, email communications, more big images & full-screen videos. Universities can also create campus tour mobile app to lure more students.

Market trends show that lots of educational institutes are hiring specialised educational marketing companies (like Infinite1 – India’s first student acquisition company). This gives educational relief from marketing headaches and concentrates on academics.

Tips to Build Your Career

In the current times, when you move on from school, you wind up scanning for an occupation. In the circumstances of difficult rivalry, you can experience issues in landing a position. That is the reason an idea could enter your thoughts, or your folks or some companion could propose you to give educational cost or assignment help to the understudies and win along these lines until you land a general position. Indeed, filling in as a scholastic author or coach is a decent choice, and you could gain well, however you likewise should be prepared to face some trouble in doing that. Along these lines, you should be interested to recognize what could be those troubles and how to leave that, that is the reason we have thought of a written work piece that tries to talk about the same.

In the most recent couple of years or somewhere in the vicinity, there has been a tremendous ascent in the assignment help online or mentoring part. Individuals have begun to take in the significance of training and are prepared to burn through cash to bolster their children on the off chance that they find that their children are having an issue in endeavoring assignment or getting the hang of a subject. A portion of the guardians additionally attempt to help their children themselves, yet an absence of time or failure to handle the children well makes it hard for them. That is the reason they procure a coach or go for some assignment composing administration and its the time when your occupation begins. While offering honing to a few understudies or composing assignment, you may encounter something that you weren’t keen on or didn’t concentrated, so you may think that its extreme to handle that issue, and your occupation could be at danger. That is the reason it is essential for you to plan well before beginning the class or begin composing assignment. You can read your school or textbooks or could likewise attempt to do look into on the web to comprehend a subject altogether. In the event that you need to fill in as a scholarly essayist, then you ought to likewise figure out how to do page organizing, referencing and ought to likewise attempt to enhance your English written work abilities by updating your syntax and composing something every once in a while. On the other side, on the off chance that you are filling in as a guide, then you ought to attempt to be as much as creative and easy to educate the children. You can attempt to instruct the children imaginatively utilizing innovation or by letting some know short stories so that the children won’t get exhausted and stay focussed amid the class. Additionally, it is likewise an unquestionable requirement for to be strict to the children with regards to the tests and correction in light of the fact that if the children don’t do well in the exams, then you must be responsible to the guardians.

Along these lines, you ought to remember all these focuses before begin filling in as assignment help master or home coach as it could be hurtful to you on the off chance that you don’t have the required abilities.