Tips to Stop Living Paycheck

The root cause of most of our problems, is that we are never satisfied with what we have. We want more. And more. And more. And some more… It just doesn’t stop, this wanting. Which is OK. But, what’s NOT OK, is the instant gratification of these wants. Actually, that could be termed OK too, as long as you are spending within your means. So what is it that is not OK, you ask? Well, it is when you are spending beyond your means, to live the way you want to. When you do not have the money, yet you spend on that extra purse, or cell phone, or that gorgeous dress, or a new car, or whatever. Before you know it, you have used up your money in debit cards, so you turn to your credit cards, reach your credit limit, and now you have those terribly annoying warning letters, flooding your letter box and crowding your email. Reminds you of the movie, Confessions of a Shopaholic? There is a very thin line between living paycheck to paycheck, and the above described scenario. It can vanish far too easily, and before you can say ‘damn’, you’ve been hauled into the credit bandwagon. The only way to prevent this from happening is to change your spending habits, and start saving now. Let’s look at some easy ways to earn quick money in times of need, and then we’ll take a look at how to avoid such situations.

This is a quick way of getting some cash in your hand, as well as get rid of all the things in your house that you no longer need. Thinking practically in such cases, is more beneficial than thinking emotionally. Avoid storing unnecessary junk, furniture or knickknack in your house that occupies space, needs maintenance and does not serve any purpose. Best to give it away to someone who can find good use for it. You don’t need any money to host a garage sale, and it is the best way to kill two birds

Small home businesses that require no/ very little investment, can be a great way of adding to your income. Maybe you could start selling your paintings, if you are good at drawing and painting. Or if you have good culinary skills, then you can try making and selling cakes or other food stuff. If you are interested in photography and have a personal photo collection, you can also try selling your photos to magazines or newspapers. Or you can babysit for people’s kids for a couple of hours every day, like a mini creche. If you have other hobbies that can help you make money, cash on them.

If you are good with the written word, there are sites that allow you to generate content for them, for some pay. Or, you could get a temporary job at a department or food outlet, for a couple of months to tide you over. There are many other small jobs that you can take up, like working at a library or a bookstore, or take part/ volunteer in clinical research studies at a local hospital, take care of people’s houses when they are out-of-town (water their plants, clean their houses, mow their lawns etc.) Start a blog or monetize your already existing blog, walk people’s dogs for them, clean driveways, shovel snow, etc. You can come up with a lot of ideas once you get started.

Starting coaching classes in your home is a great way to supplement your income. Start classes of subjects which you like and are good at. Guitar classes, Math and English classes, arts and crafts classes for kids, etc. The options are endless. Put all your creativity and talents to good use, and spread the knowledge. This can also turn out to be a successful way of self employment, and a great long term venture as well.

tips to gear up for MCAT Exam

The MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) is a highly standardized technical assessment that holds the key to your career in medical sciences. The purpose of the test is to provide students with an opportunity to get acquainted with relevant core topics and interpersonal skills such as problem-solving skills, critical thinking and analysis, etc.

The enrollment process for the test will commence few weeks prior to the exam date. It is vital that you draw a detailed plan of how many hours or days you are going to provide for each subject and its specific areas to gear up for the exam. Here are some effective tips that will help you gain a command over your Online MCAT Classes activities without wearing yourself out.

Have a calendar for all subjects

It is essential that you draw up a calendar with each date allotted to the study and revising of specific areas. This will ensure that you are covering all the topics important to the subject well before the exam date. Failing to plan this calendar for your MCAT preparation is a sure recipe to ultimate failure in the exams. Strengthen your conceptual knowledge with timely clarification from lecturers and know your progress level with Online MCAT Prep.

Take mock tests to gain insights on your performance

The exam date might be few weeks away, but you can definitely give yourself a real-time exam like experience with mock tests. There are a handful of Online MCAT prep classes that provide free mock tests. Find them, attend a couple of tests and evaluate your performance with scorecards that show how well you have fared in each subject. In case, you find it difficult to attain mastery over specific subjects, enroll for online MCAT courses where lecturers will attend to all your queries and clear them with ease.

Engage in discussion with student community

Perhaps the biggest source of information for your MCAT preparation will be student communities. You can find thriving student communities in both online and offline platforms. Interactive discussions with fellow students will increase your awareness about the topics and how they have been dealt with in the past. Further, you will also make some friends to bank upon for emotional support when the exam panic kicks in. Most online MCAT prep classes do set up an ideal environment where students can mingle and exchange information about the latest topics related to the test.

Selecting the right place for your study

Online MCAT prep classes do wonders to a working individual. They bring the entire classroom setup to your screen. You can study anytime, anywhere without any hindrance. However, be cautious to select a place where you can sit and study in peace. It could be a library or your bedroom, but ensure that the place is clutter free, noise free. It must have an ambiance that will keep you focused. Well lit, airy and quick reach to all study materials are must-haves for your ideal study location.

With these effective tips you can build your confidence to take on the grueling MCAT.

How to Work in Groups in Online Study

A lot of students now opt to study online because of the sheer convenience that this medium of education offers. However, studying online has its own challenges. You have to be a motivated individual who is dedicated and keeps up with the online classes and assignments, and collaborates with other individuals to form study groups for better understanding of the subject. Now you’re probably aware that study groups are one of the many ways that enhance the process of learning and assignment completion. However, how does this process function online? How can you ensure that you find like-minded individuals who are as dedicated as you? Here, we provide you with a few tips that tell you how to work in groups in online study successfully.

Tips for Online Group Work

An online study group allows students from all over the world to conduct virtual meetings. More often than not, it is the online university website that offers students the opportunity to develop forums for various subjects. A group is created and moderated by one student who then monitors who can be a part of the group, and the different discussions that are occurring in the forum. This medium is extremely advantageous for students who are bound by time and cannot spend too much traveling and meeting everyone personally. But can virtual group study be as effective as real group study? Yes it can, if the following tips are adhered to.

Be Proactive
As mentioned earlier, in order to benefit from online group study, you have to be an active member of any forum you join or create. Not only will you be exposed to a multitude of perspectives of different people from different parts of the world, you will also be able to offer your opinion and point of view on a subject. This will make the entire study session more interactive and thorough.

Seek other Proactive Students
Again, not only you, the other students who join the study group should be as proactive as you are. There are a lot of individuals who join study groups just to benefit from what is being discussed, but do not participate in any way. Such individuals should not be allowed to be parts of such groups because it is unfair to those who are really putting in an effort to make the process of combined study work.

Keep Discussion Groups Small
When a discussion group is overcrowded it becomes difficult to monitor ongoing discussions and dissuades students from participating in the group. As such, these groups should be limited to 4-6 committed individuals who regularly update discussions and keep the group active.

Meet Online Regularly
All group members should decide a specific time (considering all time zones) to meet online on specific days. This is so that discussions can occur simultaneously and time isn’t wasted waiting for an answer from the others. A lot of groups tend to meet on Skype or such messengers where conference calls can be easily made. Moreover, Facebook pages are also created to make this process simpler. Just ensure that every member is comfortable with whatever medium of communication you choose.

Define Member Roles in Group Meetings
Before you meet online ensure that every group member has been given specific material to prepare and provide inputs on so that you can have active and meaningful discussions. They should also be given a role to play. For instance, there should be one individual who will initiate group discussion, while another one will ensure that the discussion remains on track. Another individual should be responsible for keeping a record of the chat or the discussion and for recapping the discussion in the next online meeting.

These are some great tips that will ease the process of working in groups in online study. Remember that it is definitely more challenging to collaborate such a group and work effectively; but to be able to bring together different people from different parts of the world to communicate and study together at their convenience is also one of the biggest advantages of online learning. Use this medium well to make the most of it. Be prepared to meet people of all kinds. You will find that this is a highly enriching process.

Tips on How to Take Notes

Active listening in the class and jotting down notes on a paper is a skillful task and it is not everyone’s cup of tea. Making notes from books and lectures can become fruitless, if not it is not properly made. This article will tell you some quick tips about how to take notes skillfully without skipping any significant information. While taking notes from the source, bear in mind that you pay attention towards whatever you are jotting down on the paper. Make a compressed and accurate record of information along with various opinions and your observation on the subject. Resist writing every word of the lecture or copying long excerpts from books. Always try to write down the words in your own words, it will make memorizing notes easy before the exams. Many a people are in habit of taking notes and leave them untouched until the exams. So, do not commit this mistake. It can affect your study during the exams. Writing notes and not revising them will make your work hard go in vain. Therefore, make a habit of revising the notes as soon as possible after writing it. This is also one of the effective memory techniques. Make yourself accustomed of revising notes instantly after the lecture, the reason it that, you will remember important points of the lecture. It would be advisable to rewrite or type the notes within 24 hours of the lecture to make them organized and clearer. Keep all the points separate, do not write in continuous prose, and use abbreviation, it will make lay out look clearer and neat. Organized notes’ layout notes will help you in assessing and understanding the material easily. Quote example with every significant point, it helps in memorizing it as well as gives wider understanding of topic. Scholars and toppers in schools and collages follow note-making techniques that help them in excelling in their studies. However, there are other reasons such as sharp brain, disciplined study schedule, hard work and high level of concentration that help them in standing in the first position. In spite of hard work, some students are not able to make a mark like high-grade holders. It may be due to drawbacks like problem in memorizing and lack of concentration. There are various types of smart drugs available in the market that can improve learning, increase concentration, and helps in retrieval of memory. In addition to that, it is also enhances alertness, mental energy, verbal memory, and overall health. At last, the important tip for all the aspiring students is that there is not sort cut to success, the medicine will only help in memorizing the notes, and rest is your hard work. Long usage of it can cause some side effects, therefore, before taking any drug consult your physician only he can guide you the best.